About us

TVSEMINARY is an international school of theology that over the years has created a unique online space for education, highly conducive to the formation of Christian thinking.

TVSEMINARY originated from a Christian college established in 1998 in Kursk, Russia, which in 2009 was transformed into an online seminary and soon became a flagship of Christian education in the post-Soviet space. Gradually, we developed our own YouTube channel, expanded the list of educational programs, opened a media library, and created other educational and inspirational materials.

We believe in God, the Trinity, salvation, and eternal life, and are open to dialogue with representatives of any denominations. Our educational materials and various online products generate consistent interest from both believers and non-religious individuals.

A cornerstone for TVSEMINARY has always been and remains the truthfulness of the information we provide. This is especially relevant in the contemporary sea of theological and philosophical diversity, full of contradictions. Years of searching and thinking about the criteria of the truth have led us to the realization of the necessity of correctly understanding the image of God described in the Bible. We spend a lot of time "examining the Scriptures," like the inhabitants of the Greek city of Berea mentioned in the New Testament book Acts. This way, we reveal and understand the image of God, which helps us to separate the wheat from the chaff and deliver biblical truth to our audience.

TVSEMINARY closely collaborates with renowned instructors and widely known educational institutions. Dozens of leading scholars from different parts of the world actively contribute to the service of our school.

We regularly receive feedback from our students and see how TVSEMINARY's resources help transform people's lives and provide them with valuable tools for finding solutions and answers to various worldview and practical questions. Although our activities are non-commercial, we clearly understand that we are not just "moving stones" - we are "building a temple"! And we highly value this opportunity.

If you have any theological questions, we will be glad if you write to us at tvsstudent@gmail.com or send a message to +79202609999
(Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber).