Church Planting (PT 513)

PhD Professor of Minission and Intercultural Studies Director
The subject of church planting has received much attention in recent years and yet one-third of the residents of Planet Earth are still without a local church. An experienced church planter, a professor of mission and intercultural studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Craig Ott combines sound biblical principles with the best practices around the world and provides a practical guidance for church planters. The task of planting and reproducing churches involves a comprehensive array of topics. Craig Ott examines the biblical mandate for church planting, discusses the role and qualities of a church planter, describes the models and approaches to church planting, shares practical guidelines for leading the church and considers factors that undergird effective church planting. We hope that this course will be another tool in your toolbox of what God has called you to do to help spread His kingdom.
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