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Registration gives you access to certain resources. Not sure which course or program to choose? We recommend starting with the basics and taking the "Bibliology" course, which you can select by clicking the "Register" button. You can also change your course or program during your studies. After registering on the website, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on the next steps. You can start learning immediately.

How Distance Learning is Structured

Step 1.

Seminary courses are offered at two levels: seminary and simplified (lite). The seminary level involves completing assignments under the guidance of an instructor, earning credits for the course which can be applied towards a degree in your chosen program. The simplified or lite level involves viewing the course content with the possibility of self-assessment and access to additional materials on the course topic. Upon successful completion of the online course at any level (seminary or simplified), you will receive a certificate of course completion.

Step 2.

Study alongside other seminary students. After registration, you will receive an email with detailed information on how to take the course, as well as a login and password to access the seminary's virtual classroom. The learning process includes watching short video lecture segments, completing interactive tests, and interacting with your new classmates.

Step 3.

Achieve your goals and build your portfolio! After completing the course, you can take another course or choose to embark on one of our degree programs.

Step 4.

Receive a certificate or a degree. As a proof of successfully mastered course material, you will receive a certificate for completing the online course or a diploma for completing the degree program.

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